Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron Comparison Guide

Nowadays, there are different types and models of irons, having lots of features; however, the two important kinds of irons are dry iron and steam iron. They both have different functions, but the matter is which one is the best to use. This short article will inform you of the difference between both irons and the best iron to use.

Differences of Dry Vs. Steam iron


Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron soleplate

The soleplate of both irons is different. For instance, if you buy a dry iron, you will see that its soleplate is solid; but if you see a steam iron, although it is solid, there are holes in the steam iron’s soleplate. These holes are used to release steam, and this steam is used to remove the clothes’ wrinkles.

Moreover, the soleplate is of different materials such as ceramic, stainless steel. One can select according to his/her requirements and needs.

Water tank

Water tank steam iron

steam help to iron clothes. But dry iron does not have any water tank since it does not need steam. Steam iron helps you iron clothes in a short time; that is why people choose steam irons compared to a dry iron.

An advanced version of steam irons is steam generator irons with a much bigger capacity and lightweight iron part. You can locate these below.


Steam iron is much more complicated than dry iron. Dry iron has a dial to set a heat setting, but there are a spray key, steam lever, and LED, which is not easy to understand in a steam iron. That is why steam iron is more complicated.

Spray mist

Spray mist steam iron

There is an option of spray mist in practically every steam iron, and is used to moisten clothes during ironing. You will not need to spray water on clothes because this iron can do it by itself. It will help to remove deep wrinkles in a very short time. But you will not get this feature in Dry Iron.

Steam function

Steam function, as the name suggests, is the only function of steam iron or steam generator iron. You can not find this function in any dry iron.

Conversion of steam iron into dry iron

You can use your steam iron as a dry iron. You have to disable steam features to make sure that you can use steam iron as dry iron. So this is the best quality in a most steam iron to get both types in one iron.

Which iron is best? Dry or steam iron

Hard water issue?

If you have an issue with hard water in your area and feel it will certainly destroy your steam iron and other appliances, think about these water softener devices.

  • Viqua VH410-F20
  • HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler
  • Capacitive Digital Water Descaler System
  • Other Choices

Which iron is best, steam or dry?

The best iron to choose is steam iron because it has several features and provides fast work. You can use it as dry iron if you do not want to use steam features. Ultimately, Steam iron is certainly the best choice if you want to remove deep wrinkles and creases.